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Life Drawing with East London Strippers Collective
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Courtesy of East London Strippers Collective

Life Drawing with East London Strippers Collective first launched in 2013 as a natural progression from the age-old practice of hiring professional harlots and hussies as models for art.

The ELSC class is a fast-paced life drawing class often featuring aerial pole poses.
As part of their workshops, they have developed a section called ‘strip-freeze’ – a striptease routine interspersed with one-minute poses. As the model performs a strip show on stage, the class-leader calls out ‘Freeze!’ giving participants one minute to capture the pose before the model continues moving. This section is a warm-up exercise for the class, and an intense drawing experience. Once the model is naked, the length of the poses follows a more traditional pattern. 
East London Strippers Collective (ELSC) are a group of strippers challenging stereotypes and societal attitudes towards strip clubs, by inviting a new audience of onlookers inside. Our doors are open to professional artists, designers, sketchers, illustrators, animators, doodlers, students and first-timers alike.
07:00 pm
Thu, 07 Apr 2022
Lower Gallery
The workshop will provide boards, charcoal, pencil and paper to use and will accommodate approximately 30 – 35 people. Participants can bring their own materials if preferred. Music volume will fluctuate throughout. 

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Courtesy of East London Strippers Collective