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letting go of things: emilyn claid
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Photo: Henri T

this dark gleam

Letting go of things
is a movement-based workshop led by emilyn claid, queer performance artist in her 8th decade.

Letting go is an embodied process that unravels sense making, dissolves static postures and crumbles the labels of fixed normality. With somatic movement practice as a safe ground, this workshop considers how letting go – physical, metaphorical and psychological – informs our living and being, undoing Western obsessions with supremacy, verticality and fixed identity.

The workshop is open to people, across arts disciplines, who enjoy exploring movement and improvisation, individually and in relation, and who are attentive to queer sensibilities.

Ideas and practices are inspired by emilyn’s book FALLING Through Dance and Life (Bloomsbury 2021) and linked to her solo performance untitled.
emilyn claid’s career stretches back to the 1960s when she danced with the National Ballet of Canada and the 1970s when she was co-founder of experimental collective X6 Dance Space in London, a pioneering organisation for New Dance. In the 1980s she was artistic director of Extemporary Dance Theatre and in the 1990s choreographed for companies such as Phoenix and CandoCo. Working as an independent dance artist, emilyn made and performed a series of iconic solo works in which she found an authentic voice as a lesbian-queer artist. emilyn is also an emeritus professor and a Gestalt psychotherapist and has recently published FALLING Through Dance and Life, (Bloomsbury 2021), a book that rethinks Western culture’s physical, metaphorical, and psychological relationship to gravity. Working between live art and dance theatre, emilyn is touring a solo show ‘emilyn claid, UNTITLED’. @emilynclaid
06:30 pm
Tue, 21 May 2024

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