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The Town Hall with Nicolas-Tyrell Scott
Institute of Contemporary Arts

The Town Hall invites radical purveyors of art for a conversation – to discuss their art, journey and process. Through a dialogue-first approach and pivoting toward London’s unique musical cultures, the series provides commentary on being a multidisciplinary artist in these spaces, unpacking the current artistic, political and cultural moment(s) across London, but also Britain at large.

Hosted by cultural journalist and speaker Nicolas-Tyrell Scott, The Town Hall looks to show artists in their most intimate form provoking intrigue, dialogue and perspective acting as a conduit of conversation amongst the ICA’s contemporary music programming and allowing attendees to share their voices also.
Nicolas-Tyrell Scott is a London-based music and cultural journalist with his work printed and published in Pitchfork, GQ, The Face, Huck, Dazed, Red Bull, Audiomack, Apple Music, PAPER, Complex, OkayPlayer, Crack, and wider titles. Studying politics and international relations at the University of Kent, he intersects his analysis in a sociopolitical hue, bridging the gap between what’s happening in the world and how cultural and musical happenings shape or reflect that. Nicolas-Tyrell has an informed view on music, which spans hip-hop to R&B, to emergent genres like drill, future-sounds and afro-swing, always sure to tie lineages to each before framing their futures. His experience spans from profiles and reporting to features and op eds. As a former columnist at HYPEBEAST, he acted as a cultural tastemaker, establishing underground acts across the UK for the title.

Thu 1 Feb 2024
A communal talk with the musician and actress Mahalia.

Past events

Tue 4 April 2023
Che Lingo
A conversation with Che Lingo ahead of his second studio album Coming Up For Air, which addresses ruminations about the depths of his mental health, archiving harrowing stories and life reflections across the project

A man with a beard is being interviewed by a camera crew. A crowd looks on

Wed 28 June 2023
Reflecting on the last decade of the producer's career, from early intersections between dubstep and funk, to the process and method of working with studio artists like Gri.