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The Institutionalisation of Racism
Institute of Contemporary Arts
January 2022

War Inna Babylon: The Community’s Struggle for Truths and Rights, photographs: Tim Whitby / Getty

Gus John presents From Educationally Subnormal to Abnormal

Activist, academic and educational campaigner Gus John discusses the history of racism in the British educational system in this presentation. From the 1944 Education Act categorisation of the ‘educationally subnormal’ to today’s educational landscape, Gus John will draw on the history of activism and campaign work in advocating for change.

From Bobby to Babylon: Blacks and the British Police by Darcus Howe
Join members of the Race Today Collective, Leila Hassan Howe and Michael Cadette, in a discussion of the resistance to oppressive policing in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s culminating in the 1981 uprising in Brixton.
The fight for justice on the streets and in the courts dominated political struggles during this era and Darcus and Race Today magazine chronicled these events. From Bobby to Babylon, originally published in 1988 by the Race Today Collective, consists of articles by and interviews with the late Darcus Howe. It is a pivotal document of the history of resistance in the UK.
From Bobby to Babylon was republished last year by Bookmarks and gives interesting insight into an era in which Howe was arrested six times and jailed.

Winston Trew

Activist Winston Trew, one of the Oval 4 wrongfully convicted and jailed in the 1970s for alleged theft on the London Underground discusses his decades-long campaign work to clear his name. Having his conviction quashed in 2020, Trew is the author of Black for a Cause (2010), a book that draws together an account of the Oval 4’s arrest and the corruption of the Police involved alongside a history of Black Power in 1970s Britain.

Screening (TBC)


2 – 3 pm: Gus John presents From Educationally Subnormal to Abnormal
3 – 4 pm: From Bobby to Babylon: Blacks and the British Police by Darcus Howe
4 – 4:30 pm: Winston Trew
5:30 – 6:30 pm: Screening (TBC)

DJ Stickozaza aka Winston Silcott will open the event from 1pm with a DJ set in the ICA Theatre and will play throughout the day.
02:00 pm
Sat, 21 Aug 2021

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The first installation of Forensic Architecture Reports, published by Cabinet Books and the ICA, details the investigation into the police shooting of Mark Duggan. This new volume is available to purchase here.

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