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Synth Workshop: Distribution of Power
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Image: Zara Truss-Giles, even my good days are long, 2021

Artists Rebekah Alero and Zara Truss-Giles invite you to an evening of modular and hardware synthesis exploration. Together they have been experimenting and workshopping ideas and probabilities combining research, the voice and video archives with synths

This is an invitation to join in on the experiments, especially if you have been curious to learn how synthesisers sound and behave.

What will your synth sound like in a different set up? This is a place to play, listen and take away any knowledge relevant to you or your practice.
Rebekah Alero is a Sound Artist and Composer. Their work focuses on improvisation, extended techniques and electronic music, as well as the use of field recordings/found sounds for more textural sonic narratives. Rebekah  is also a Bass guitar player which they sometimes brings into other parts of their sound set up. Rebekah has a strong interest in using synthesisers in recorded and live performance with a mixture of analog synths and synths made in DAWS and MAX/MSP.

Zara Truss-Giles is a cross-disciplinary artist and artist producer living in London where they have carved a name for themselves as a DJ, club night promoter, producer and dancer. Their personal practice is rooted in the hidden and untold histories of individuals and community movements, through extensive research projects and conversations with those with living memories, stories and experiences. Zara has worked for Warp Records and Somerset House Studios, and has produced for artists Thomas J. Price, Larry Achiampong, Alexis Blake and Otolith Group.
This event prioritises women, non-binary, and disabled individuals, however all are welcome to join.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own synthesisers. 

This event forms part of the programme accompanying Nine Nights: Channel B and the ticket includes exhibition entry.

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