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Sissy Anarchy: Issue 2 Launch
Institute of Contemporary Arts
A close-up of bodies against one another, light and shadows reflecting off their skin

Sissy Anarchy brings together an incredible cohort of sissies who give up their environment, their daily encoded stances, to define what has become such a tender edition of sissy anarchy – a world where boundaries are stretched and obliterated through the power of trans queer anarchism. 

Featuring: Imogen Cleverley, Joel Dixon, Donna Marcus Duke, Benjamin Fredrickson, Jordan Hearns, Misha Honcharenko, Ian Ivey, Hesse K., Mayah Monet Lovell, Sam Moore, D Mortimer, Barney Pau, L Scully, Pissed Off Trannies, Ailo Villan, Lee Rae Walsh.
Sissy Anarchy is an A1 poster (which folds down to an A4 magazine) and online newsletter that features essays, poems and visions about contemporary politics where socialism, communism and anarchism converge through the lens of trans queer theory and artistic practices against racism, transicide, femicide and ecocide. The magazine’s responses address the abolition of the state, defunding militarisation, activist archivist process and protest, relinquishing incarceration institutions and the government of their power, and reflect on current activist practices.

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