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Institute of Contemporary Arts
ICA Learning has built a vibrant and responsive programme of peer-led events and opportunities with and for young people under 30. Our peer-led Learning Associates and Youth Partners programmes enable ICA Learning to programme talks, screenings, workshops, performances, publications and events in collaboration with a diverse range of artists, advisors, creative activists, influencers and instigators.

Since 2016, we have worked with Reprezent Radio, SE1 United, GUAP Magazine, NTS, BORN n BREAD, Skin Deep, VICE, sorryyoufeeluncomfortable, Sonic Gaze, The Slumflower, London College of Fashion, Young Roots and many others to co-produce a range of events including The UNFASHIONED Museum (2018), IN-VISIBLE (2017) and CTRL (2016). 

Our focus on forging innovative alliances through cross-sector partnerships, such as our collaborations with Peabody and A New Direction, has given us opportunities to work with schools across London, generate work experience and employability programmes, and develop a Learning Apprenticeship.

Social Creative Network

The Social Creative Network (SCN) is a youth-led digital network that encourages and utilises user-generated content – a space for young people to share, connect and create. Open to all skill levels, SCN explores our relationship to the notion of ‘audience’, offering a safe viewing space that invites young people to shape the ICA public programme online and onsite.

Generating open calls, collaborations and commissions, the SCN platform has produced the FUTURE/POWER exhibition with the Croydon Arts Store, onsite screenings and performance and accompanying publication for the Self-Protection Manifesto with Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club, as well as commissions exploring the relationship between food and community.

Join the SCN digital network and use the power of the arts and creative industries to collectively build a community of resistance and resilience to engage positive change in the world.


We are pleased to welcome The White Pube as our upcoming critics-in-residence, who utilise SCN and their own platforms to critique, question and respond to ideas in contemporary culture with a particular emphasis on unpacking the dynamics within and demands of an arts institution. 

The White Pube (London, Liverpool, online) is the collaborative identity of Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad, under which they write criticism and (sometimes) curate. They are based at thewhitepube.com and also on Instagram and Twitter as @thewhitepube. The White Pube publish a new text every Sunday, mostly exhibition reviews but sometimes baby essays. Their writing began in reaction to criticism being too often boring/overly academic/white nonsense////male. Each review is a personal reaction, and a record of an encounter with an aesthetic experience.


We welcome the Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club as SCN’s first artists-in-residence. The Shadow Sistxrs, co-founded by Ayesha Tan-Jones and Monique Etienne, join SCN to host film screenings, share crucial conversations with activists and run self-defence classes combining Brazilian jujitsu with medicinal and magical herbalism. 

Shadow Sistxrs create a radical and holistic approach to healing and empowerment through their meditations on craft, culture and collective bodies.


We are currently seeking collaborators aged 16 – 25, who want to bring their passion, politics, ideas or influences to a wider audience via SCN instagram. Email for further information, or if you have an idea to share or an upcoming event you’d like to cover, send us your proposal (up to 250 words) at scn@ica.art.

For details on upcoming events email scn@ica.art

Young Kings Lunch with GUAP Magazine, 2018

CTRL Festival with Reprezent Radio 2016 © Dan Weill

IN-VISIBLE Festival 2017 © Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole

House of Pharaohs at Sounds Critical with SE1 United, 2016 © Elzbieta Piekacz

The Slumflower in conversation at IN-VISIBLE Festival with GUAP Magazine 2017 © Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole

Annabelle Sami performance, Self-Protection Manifesto Launch 2018 © Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole

The UNFASHIONED Museum 2018 © Julia Hovve
Shadow Sistxrs Self-Protection Manifesto