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Social Creative Network (SCN) is a supportive digital network for young people to share, connect and create. This platform is open to all skill levels for collectively testing, exploring and responding to ideas in contemporary culture. 

SCN invites all activists, artists, photographers, designers, writers and performers ready to access an incredible talent pipeline and challenge conventional ways of creating value. Participants will be able to showcase their work online including spoken word, moving image and writing, take part in open calls and join opportunities to curate as part of the ICA public programme. 

Join the SCN digital network and use the power of the arts and creative industries to collectively build a community of resistance and resilience to engage positive change in the world.


We welcome the Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club as SCN’s first artists in residence. The Shadow Sistxrs, co-founded by Ayesha Tan-Jones and Monique Etienne, join SCN to host film screenings, share crucial conversations with activists and run self-defence classes combining Brazilian jujitsu with medicinal and magical herbalism. 
Shadow Sistxrs create a radical and holistic approach to healing and empowerment through their meditations on craft, culture and collective bodies. Get involved by contributing short films and texts on themes of self-protection, self-love and self-care to the Self-Protection Manifesto Open Call for short films.


Since 2017, we have worked in close consultation with GUAP Magazine, our Youth Partners. GUAP Magazine, co-founded by Jide Adetunji and Ibrahim Kamara in 2015, is a revolutionary magazine dedicated to discovering and showcasing young urban talent.
After their massive success curating the ICA youth festival In-visible and hosting the Young Kings Lunch series, GUAP are launching Social Work, a monthly co-working space in the ICA Studio dedicated to connecting young creatives, offering free master classes to bring your projects to the next level. 

Young Kings events continue to activate a supportive and inspiring network for young men aged 16–24 years. Each session focuses on increasing awareness, developing professional practice and challenging outmoded narratives about masculinity, blackness and culture.

Be a collaborator!

We work with a diverse range of young influencers, instigators and advisors. We are currently seeking collaborators, aged 16–25, who want to bring their passion, politics and influences to a wider audience. 

Have ideas for an Instagram Live debate or Instagram Takeover, or want to share an interview or a film project that can run for five consecutive days on Facebook? Email your proposal to

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