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Institute of Contemporary Arts
Leo Woods

Join us for a pre-recorded night of readings and reflections about illness, work, care, love and doing nothing to introduce our programme and bare minimum's residency at the ICA.

Participants include Raisa Kabir, D Mortimer, Imani Robinson, and sex workers and their allies broadly affiliated with SWARM.
bare minimum is 6-person interdisciplinary anti-work arts collective. we hate working, hustling, neoliberal self-improvement, wage labour and surplus value, private property, how work eats into our time, our love, our ability to make things in earnest. we are a group of friends who needed a formal structure to give ourselves the permission to make things. we are lazy, queer & many of us are disabled. members include Diamond Abdulrahim, Vera Chapiro, Christie Costello, Lola Olufemi, Christine Pungong, and Leo Woods. 

Raisa Kabir (b. 1989) is an interdisciplinary artist and weaver, who utilises woven text/textiles, sound, video and performance to translate and visualise concepts concerning the politics of cloth, labour and embodied geographies. Her (un)weaving performances comment on power, production, disability and the body as a living archive of collective trauma.

D Mortimer is a writer from London occupied with experimental trans and queer narratives. They are working on ideas of salmon and heartbreak at the moment. Their work (essays, poetry, prose, creative criticism) has been published by The Guardian and Granta Magazine. They are currently doing a practice based PhD in Creative Writing at The University of Roehampton.

Imani Robinson is an artist and interdisciplinary writer whose practice combines performance, oration, poetry and critical theory, exploring themes of black geographies, the afterlives of transatlantic slavery, abolition and radical resistance. They are one half of Languid Hands, an artistic and curatorial collaboration with Rabz Lansiquot.

SWARM are sex worker led collective based in the UK. The project was founded in 2009 (under our former name Sex Worker Open University) to advocate for the rights of everyone who sells sexual services. They campaign for the rights and safety of everyone who sells sexual services. Together, they organise skill-shares and support meet-ups just for sex workers, as well as public events.
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06:00 pm
Sat, 06 Mar 2021
Cinema 3
Free, booking required.

The recording will be available to stream until 5 April, 6pm.

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