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Hanecdote – Embroidery Online Workshop
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Still Life For Sex Workers, 2021, courtesy of Hanecdote

Decriminalised Futures artist Hanecdote (Hannah Hill) hosts an online embroidery workshop open to 20 participants. Hill’s work explores gender, sexuality, mixed-heritage, feminism and mental illness through bold motifs and compositions, that showcase the power of textiles as a way to communicate socio-political messages.

With space for 20 participants, this workshop will be led in two parts. At 1pm on 21 May, a pre-recorded video of Hill talking about their practice, why they use embroidery and the socio-political importance of textile art will be sent to all participants. The video will also include a tutorial on three different types of stitches. 

At 2.30pm a live Zoom workshop hosted by Hill will facilitate a space for discussion, sewing and an opportunity to ask them questions. Participants will be able to create their own still life embroidery using templates from Hill or their own designs.

In order to join, participants need to purchase a ticket before Sunday 1 May 2022. A pack of materials will be sent to their home address including fabric, thread, embroidery and templates.

This workshop can accommodate all levels of skill. 

Participants have to be UK-based as materials can only be sent to UK addresses.
Hannah Hill also known as Hanecdote is an embroidery artist whose work is often autobiographical; exploring their gender, sexuality, mixed ethnicity, feminism and mental illness through bold motifs and compositions. Their work showcases the power of textiles as a medium to communicate socio-political messages. Their choice to hand embroider is both personal and political, as its exclusion from the canon was due to sexism and classism.
01:30 pm
Sat, 21 May 2022
Participants have to be UK-based as materials can only be sent to UK addresses. 

The workshop pre-record will be captioned and will be sent directly to your email. 

The live component of the workshop will not have live captioning, if you require BSL or speech-to-text interpretation please contact access@ica.art

Full access information available here

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Goddess Sample, Hanecdote, 2018
Blue Self-Portrait, Hanecdote, 2019 – 21