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Diagnosing our Conditions
Institute of Contemporary Arts
February 2023
Lola Olufemi

Neoliberalism stunts our imaginative faculties and diminishes radical possibility. It kills. For those left alive, it exposes us to an endless battle against premature death and carceral violence.

This hour and a half workshop aims to examine the ways we can use the imagination to think beyond the limits placed on our bodies at any given time. Through discussion and free writing, we will ask: What has capitalism done to our condition of being? What does it mean to practice imagining? What is the relationship between pessimism and imaginative potential? How do we transform our conditions and abandon the pathologising logics that tell us we are the cause of our own pain? What possibilities await?

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bare minimum is 6-person interdisciplinary anti-work arts collective. we hate working, hustling, neoliberal self-improvement, wage labour and surplus value, private property, how work eats into our time, our love, our ability to make things in earnest. we are a group of friends who needed a formal structure to give ourselves the permission to make things. we are lazy, queer & many of us are disabled. members include Diamond Abdulrahim, Vera Chapiro, Christie Costello, Lola Olufemi, Christine Pungong, and Leo Woods. 
06:00 pm
Mon, 03 May 2021
Free, booking required

This event will take place online through Zoom. Bookers will be provided with a link to follow to access the talk. Please contact info@ica.art if you require support accessing this event.

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