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In Focus: Simon Liu 1 + Q&A
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Devil's Peak, dir. Simon Liu, Hong Kong, USA 2021.

Single File  
Simon Liu / 2023 / Hong Kong, USA, Italy, UK / 10’ / Digital / sound 

“In the wake of cataclysmic regional change in the artist's homeland of Hong Kong, Simon Liu’s Cinema-Strobo-Scopic film features a laborious sequence of analogue darkroom practices and dense shrouds of video processing techniques which actively work to both conceal and reappraise approaches to personal expression in the face of censorship. Times ahead and behind collide – a new linearity is in need of; the glittering lore of the way things were, generations lost to resolution errors. Sifting through new realities of misinformation, digital consciousness, and cultural disappearance, Single File seeks new lexicons of disobedience through formal experimentation.” (Simon Liu) 
Donkey Riding 
Simon Liu / 2014 / Hong Kong, USA / 8’ / Digital / sound 

“Donkey Riding is a reminiscence of my home and loved ones via hand-processed 16mm film juxtaposed with scrapbook audio recordings revealing my first attempts at speaking. Hong Kong alleyways and Los Angeles highways share moments with intimate images of people who are happy to see me as I indulge in curiosities about the potential of 16mm film” (Simon Liu) 
Sneyd Green  
Simon Liu / 2016 / UK / 11’ / Digital / sound 
“It’s any day, any year in the house of Alan and Vera in their Post-Industrial English conurbation formerly known for their world renown pottery industry, yet on this week they are interrupted by their camera toting grandson. This May is one of moving, dancing, and gliding more softly and with greater awareness. They might have been stars, they could have been famous! Conceived as a ditty; presented with an orchestra of loved ones, Sneyd Green is a handmade exploration of positive and negative space in concert with past and present yearnings.” (Simon Liu) 
Devil's Peak 

Simon Liu / 2021 / Hong Kong, USA / 30’ / Digital / sound 
“Through overlapping poetic narratives and coded references, Devil’s Peak reflects on recent unprecedented shifts in the socio-cultural fabric of the artist’s homeland of Hong Kong, creating a site of remembrance for a time and place that may never be as it was.” (Simon Liu) 
Fallen Arches 
Simon Liu / 2018 / Hong Kong, UK, USA / 10’ / 35mm / silent 
“Glimpses through windows into family gatherings and views along British coastlines are consumed by temporary store-front displays and the allure of emblazoned skyscrapers. Imagery both diaristic and impersonal to the filmmaker overlap, contradict and trace movements between Stoke-On-Trent, Hong Kong and New York. In an act of dedication, Fallen Arches is at once a celebration and questioning of fleeting enchantments as borders between distant spaces dissipate into multi-chromatic rushes.” (Simon Liu) 
Followed by a Q&A with Simon Liu 
06:15 pm
Fri, 26 Apr 2024
Cinema 1

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