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Fugitive Feminism reading group
Institute of Contemporary Arts
A dark and stormy sea rages under moonlight

Imagine you were never considered to be human. How would you perceive the world? What future is possible?

Fugitive Feminism considers the ways in which Black women have been excluded from, struggled to achieve and opted to reject the category of ‘human’, drawing on the legacies of bell hooks, Audre Lorde, Angela Davis and others.

This reading group continues Silver Press and Iniva’s collaborative exploration of the ‘fugitive’ through collective reading and listening marking the publication of Fugitive Feminism by Akwugo Emejulu. Calling for a collective process of speculative dialogue, Fugitive Feminism is an invitation to consider the flight into the unknown: an uncertain and dangerous path, which remains an essential element of liberation.

This reading group will be facilitated by Hudda Khaireh.
In partnership with Iniva and Silver Press.

Over the course of a week and four events, ICA and Silver Press examine freedom through the lenses of collective liberation, bodily autonomy, reproductive justice and feminism.

Hudda Khaireh is an independent researcher and artist with a background in Public International Law whose practice focuses on the position of Black people globally. Hudda has shared work at Houston’s Project Row Houses, London’s Chisenhale Gallery, Tate Exchange Tate Modern and Uncommon Space at Tate Britain, Printroom Rotterdam, and DIY Cultures. Hudda is also the Project Manager at Numbi Arts, a Somali originated, globally focused cross arts organisation in Tower Hamlets, is member of the Black Feminist artist collective Thick/er Black Lines, as well as an associate of OOMK Zine.
05:00 pm
Sat, 02 Dec 2023

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A portrait of Hudda Khaireh wearing a lilac masaar, grey longsleeved top, against a brick wall
Hudda Khaireh
Silver Press, paperback, 2022