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Non-Aligned Film Archives 05:
Tibelkachoutine (Mohamed Zinet)
Institute of Contemporary Arts
A group of Algerian men in a concrete room stare
A Tahia ya Didou! (Viva Didou!), dir. Mohamed Zinet, Algeria 1972, 81 min., Arabic with English subtitles

The Non-Aligned Film Archives is an ongoing project curated by researchers and archivists Léa Morin and Annabelle Aventurin in collaboration with Open City Documentary Film Festival. The project aims to create a space to share films that have been marginalised from dominant cinematic narratives. Each session revolves around a single lost work that is instead invoked through other films that have survived.

‘This session takes as its focus an unrealised film – Tibelkachoutine – by Algerian filmmaker, director and actor Mohamed Zinet (1932–1995). Zinet had planned to adapt his 1953 play of the same name but the project never came to fruition, and the three films included in the programme act together in an endeavour to reconstruct Zinet’s suppressed cinema. Zinet’s own masterpiece from 1971, Tahia ya Didou! – the only film he completed as a director – is screened alongside films by Hassen Ferhani and René Vautier. As with many other Algerian filmmakers of his generation, Ferhani’s work is inspired by the acerbic and anti-authoritarian tone of Tahia ya Didou!, whilst Les Ajoncs by the militant anti-colonial filmmaker Rene Vautier features Zinet in the central role.

With Tibelkachoutine, Zinet aimed to present a ‘Chaplinesque’ vision of the War of Independence, providing a comedic reflection on the idea that ‘anyone can become a hero, depending on the events and the situation’. This seemingly displeased the film authorities, particularly the heroes of the Algerian revolution, as noted by Tatem Belkacem in Khelfa Ben Aissa’s 1990 book Tahia ya Zinet!.”
– Léa Morin and Annabelle Aventurin

This screening will be introduced by Saad Chakali.


Tahia ya Didou! (Viva Didou!)
Dir. Mohamed Zinet, Algeria 1972, 81 min.

Les Ajoncs
Dir. René Vautier, France 1970, 10 min.

Tarzan, Don Quichotte et nous (Tarzan, Don Quixote and Us)
Hassen Ferhani, Algeria, France 2013, 18 min.
Find out more about the Non-Aligned Film Archives programme here
04:15 pm
Sun, 25 Jun 2023
Cinema 1

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