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The Rise of Digital Art + NFTs (featuring Beeple)
Institute of Contemporary Arts
October 2022

Showing internet films + social media reels, on the big screen.

The exhibition features short films, social media reels and DJ loops from internet art pioneer Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple, and London-based digital artists, with a live DJ set from Emile and Electricity. The event features a panel discussion that explores the origins of digital art on the internet with artists Andrea Bonaceto, Emile Rafael, Graceland London, Maliha Abidi, Lewk Wilmshurst and curator Victoria Ivanova.

A retrospective of ten years of Beeple’s short film work from 2009 to 2019 will be presented as part of the event.

Guest programmed by Elaine Wong.

Artist Bios

7:30 pm: Short film screenings

Subprime, dir. Mike Winkelmann, USA 2009, 2 min.

Instrumental Video Nine, dir. Mike Winkelmann, USA 2010, 2 min.

Kill Your Co-Workers, dir. Flying Lotus, USA 2010, 3 min.

IV. 10, dir. Mike Winkelmann, USA 2013, 1 min.

Transparent Machines, dir. Mike Winkelmann, COUNTRY? 2013, 1 min.

Zero-Day, dir. Mike Winkelmann, USA 2015, 3 min.

Manifest Destiny, dir. Mike Winkelmann, USA 2019, 2 min.

7:45 pm: Panel discussion and Q&A

8:45 pm: DJ set by Emile and Electricity
07:00 pm
Tue, 18 Jan 2022

All films are ad-free and 18+ unless otherwise stated, and start with a 10 min. curated selection of trailers.

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