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Artists’ Film Club: Su Friedrich, Today
Institute of Contemporary Arts
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Today, 2022, dir. Su Friedrich, 57 min.

Today (2022), by avant-garde filmmaker Su Friedrich, is an intricate exploration of the challenge to live ‘in the moment’. Spanning six years, this first-person documentary is a nonfiction collage, chronicling Friedrich’s attempt to embrace the present while reconciling with mortality and life’s contradictions. 

The film resonates with Friedrich’s previous works in its exploration of relationships and personal narratives. Her attempt to seize the moment fractures as she contends with loss and the complex demands of being present. The tension between immediate joys and sorrowful realities becomes emblematic of the human condition. 

A work of poignant reflection, Today moves beyond mere observation to probe the intricate negotiation of life’s joys and anguishes. Through the lens of Friedrich’s personal journey, the film offers an unflinching look at the quest for balance amidst the chaos of existence. Today stands as both an intimate diary and a universal testament to the pursuit of authenticity in a fragmented world.

This screening is followed by an in-person Q&A with filmmaker Su Friedrich.
Su Friedrich is a prominent avant-garde filmmaker, who began filmmaking in 1977 and has made twenty-three films that often take an experimental approach to deeply personal narratives. A prolific artist, Friedrich handles nearly every aspect of her films, from writing to sound editing. Her film Sink or Swim (1990) was honoured with inclusion in the United States National Film Registry. Friedrich’s works, known for their insight, complexity, and emotional depth, have been screened in retrospectives and received awards internationally. A respected educator, Friedrich was a Professor of Visual Art in the Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton University from 1998 – 2023.
07:00 pm
Wed, 27 Sep 2023
Cinema 1
Wednesday 27 September, 7pm, Cinema 1

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