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Make Me Famous
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Artist Edward Brezinski sitting on a fold up chair in a house, one leg up on the other, in a casual white shirt, jeans, smoking a cigarette. The photo is black and white.
Make Me Famous, dir. Brian Vincent, USA 2022, 93 min., English

Make Me Famous examines the rise and fall of the iconic 1980s NYC Downtown art scene through the lens of Detroit-born Edward Brezinski, one of the striving artists who wanted desperately to be famous. Make Me Famous is a dishy look of what it was like to be an artist in NYC in the 1980s. It delves into the spirit of the artists themselves, what drove their generation and what they were up against. The film recounts art history in an entertaining way with the artists who survived that iconic era in NYC history.

An investigation into the life and death(?) of Edward Brezinski, a charismatic Lower East Side painter on the fringe of success, who thwarted his career with antics that roiled NYC’s art elite. Make Me Famous reveals a unique snapshot of the 1980s art explosion while unearthing the truth of Brezinski’s mysterious death in the Cote d’Azur. This madcap romp is an intimate look at the art world's attitude towards success and failure, fame and fortune, notoriety and erasure.
04:30 pm
Sat, 18 Feb 2023
Cinema 2
08:45 pm
Wed, 22 Feb 2023
Cinema 2

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