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Documentary: Silence All My Dreams: I’ll be Okay When You No Longer Haunt My Dreams
Institute of Contemporary Arts
The Perfect Picture, dir. Hala El Kouch, Lebanon 2021, 30 min.

Trying to explain yourself to a family that cannot hear you. Grappling with a trauma so intense you feel it reverberate across generations. Anger, pain, and frustration wells up from a dark recess in your belly, with no destination or natural conclusion.

We carry wounds with us in moments of sadness and rage but also moments of tenderness and laughter. Your mum braids your hair moments after an earth-shattering fight. Your parents giggle while recounting stories of their exhausting flight from their home country. How do we find our peace when there is no resolution to our pain? Featuring films from Lebanon, Estonia, and the UK, this collection of shorts picks at our scabs of loss and misunderstanding, while knowing all the while that the only way to heal is to live.

Bruce, dir. Kevin Morosky, UK 2022, 7 min.
The Perfect Picture, dir. Hala El Kouch, Lebanon 2021, 30 min.
I Remember, dir. Neelofar Abrahimi, UK 2022, 23 min.
Me & Her, dir. Eldar Basmanov, Ahmed Fouad Ragab, Estonia 2021, 17 min.
Forest Coal Pit, dir. Siôn Marshall-Waters, UK 2021, 15 min.

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