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International Competition 3: By The Skin of My Grief, I Kept Dancing When The Song was Over
Institute of Contemporary Arts
April 2023
Parasite Family, dir. Prapat Jiwarangsan, Thailand 2022, 5 min.

Poring over shared histories and family affairs, actuality translates into an anticlimactic prophecy of romance. Confronting miseries of being misunderstood and swallowed by greed and pride, we understand that loss is part of life. And in these moments, instead of grieving, we become grief. A palaeontologist mourns a loved one as her team investigates the remains of an unknown creature. A young inmate awaits his parents’ visit before he faces the end.

Parasite Family, dir. Prapat Jiwarangsan, Thailand 2022, 5 min.
La Plage aux êtres, dir. Kendra McLaughlin, France 2022, 20 min.
Will My Parents Come To See Me?, dir. Mo Harawe, Austria 2021, 28 min.
The Things I Wish You Had Told Me, But Never Will, dir. Lilja Ingolfsdottir, Norway 2021, 11 min.
Sierra, dir. Sander Joon, Estonia 2022, 15 min.
08:30 pm
Thu, 26 Jan 2023
Cinema 1

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