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Enduring Provocations:
The Films of Lars von Trier
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Fri 4 Aug – Fri 1 Sep 2023
   Director Lars von Trier in a beanie and winter coat. He's standing on a boat deck, overcast weather, with a film camera behind him

The films of Lars von Trier, one of cinema’s foremost provocateurs, return to the big screen including a brand new 4K restoration of Breaking the Waves. Rediscover this unique collection of thought-provoking and iconic films, many of which have been newly restored.

A person in a knitted woollen cap and top leans against a wooden surface, staring off

From Fri 4 to Thu 10 August
In a small coastal town in Scotland, Bess, a religious young woman, falls in love with a charming oil rig worker.

Two young women look through the window of a train cabin door marked '1st Class'

Fri 11 August, 8:50pm
In an alley near his home, ageing bachelor Seligman finds an unconscious woman covered in blood. Her name is Joe and she is a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac.

Closeup of the face of a blonde woman in working clothes, kneeling on the floor

Sat 12 August, 3:30pm
A woman on the run from the mob is reluctantly accepted into a small Colorado community in exchange for labour.

A man wearing gloves touches a women's chin, observing her face as she looks away

Sat 12 August, 8:50pm
Joe continues to narrate to Seligman the story of her life as a nymphomaniac, in the second part of Lars von Trier’s exploration of sexual obsession.

A man in a suit stares through grimy plastic curtain inside a freezer room

Sun 13 August, 12:15pm
Lars von Trier’s grisly thriller about a serial killer who sees each of his murders as a part of a towering work of art.

A woman with blood on her hands and clothes squats in a dark foggy forest, next to a broken tree

Wed 16 August, 8:30pm
Lars von Trier spins a family tragedy into a fable that is both magical and nightmarish, but thoroughly in keeping with the filmmaker’s vision.

A group of young people walk through a field, cheering. One of them, wearing football gear, is sitting on top of their shoulders

From Fri 18 to Thu 24 August
In the Copenhagen suburbs, a commune aims to disrupt bourgeois society by spontaneously feigning physical or mental disabilities in public.

[alt](A blonde white woman holds her hands up against a foggy golf course. Wisps of light emerge from her fingertips)

Tue 29 August, 8:30pm
Melancholia on 35mm
The end of the world is nigh, as Lars von Trier employs a planetary apocalypse to explore the crippling nature of psychological trauma.

A woman in a wedding dress holds a bouquet, lying in a shallow pool of water surrounded by reeds and lily pads. Her face is blank, staring skywards

Fri 1 September, 8:45pm
The end of the world is nigh, as Lars von Trier employs a planetary apocalypse to explore the crippling nature of psychological trauma.