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Voices in the Wind 風の電話
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Voices in the Wind 風の電話, dir. Suwa Nobuhiro, Japan 2020, 139 min. PG. ©2020 The Phone of the Wind Film Partners

Seventeen-year-old Haru (Serena Motola), orphaned by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, resides with her aunt Hiroko (Watanabe Makiko) in Hiroshima. Despite her emotional scars, Haru manages to live a relatively normal life with Hiroko’s support. Hiroko suggests revisiting Haru’s hometown of Otsuchi, Iwate, but Haru hesitates. Upon returning from school one day, Haru finds Hiroko collapsed. Fearing losing another loved one, she embarks on a 1,300km solo hitchhiking journey to Otsuchi. Along the journey, she encounters various facets of humanity, including former Fukushima nuclear worker Morio (NISHIJIMA Hidetoshi), and grapples with life, death, help, and exploitation.
Voices in the Wind
draws inspiration from the real-life Wind Phone telephone box in Otsuchi, where a 10-metre high tsunami struck. This heartfelt drama carefully squeezes out the emotion of a bereaved child and her voiceless pain, posing an important question: can one can truly heal pain without expressing it or connecting with others? Seasoned director Suwa Nobuhiro employs slow-paced shots and minimal cuts to emphasise character interactions within the frame, delivering a subtly profound message and showcasing Motola’s impressive performance.
01:20 pm
Sun, 04 Feb 2024
Cinema 1

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