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Mondays: See You ‘This’ Week!
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Mondays: See You ‘This’ Week! MONDAYS/このタイムループ、上司に気づかせないと終わらない , dir. Takebayashi Ryo, Japan 2022, 82 min. PG.

Akemi (Marui Wan) works at a small advertising agency and dreams of joining a prestigious one, even though her demanding job leaves no time for her personal life. One Monday morning, her two junior colleagues reveal a bizarre truth: they are all trapped in a time loop of the same week. As more employees in the company discover the time loop, they realise that their oblivious department head (Makita Sports), the only one who is not aware of the mysterious loop, holds the key to breaking free. The employees must convince the department head of the time loop’s existence; otherwise, the same week will come repeatedly without end! Individual motivations clash within this office-based time loop, and with each recurring Monday, a mix of despair and determination grows, driving them to collaborate and seek an escape from this unending cycle.

Director Takebayashi Ryo, known for his debut Bookmark 14 (2021), weaves relatable corporate scenarios into the narrative, creating a comedy that resonates with viewers. This time-loop story follows in a rather comical way the struggles of small office employees as they work together to find a way out from their weird circumstances.
09:00 pm
Fri, 09 Feb 2024
Cinema 1

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