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Hope Frozen
Institute of Contemporary Arts

Hope Frozen, dir.-Prod Pailin Wedel, Thailand-USA 2019, 75 min.

When two-year-old Einz Naovaratpong was diagnosed with a terminal cancer, her parents explored every avenue to save her. Refusing to accept her death as the end, they turn to cryonics to freeze their daughter’s brain in the hope that she will one day live again. With remarkable access and intimacy, Wedel follows the parents and their surviving son on this extraordinary journey, objectively presenting their challenges and dilemmas; as practising Buddhists who are also devotees of science, how to reconcile these conflicting beliefs? Ethical, philosophical and emotional questions abound. Can the dead come back to life? And should they? This is human nature in its purest form, as the parents are fighting for their child’s survival.
01:00 pm
Sun, 06 Oct 2019
Cinema 1

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