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BFI London Film Festival 2022
Institute of Contemporary Arts
5 – 16 October 2022

The London Film Festival returns at the ICA for its 66th edition running from 5 to 16 October.

Discover the full programme at bfi.org.uk/lff

Wednesday 5 October, 6:20pm
Small, Slow But Steady
Shô Miyake crafts a moving, one-of-a-kind sports film, anchored by Yukino Kishii’s precise, subtle, unsentimental performance as Deaf aspiring boxer Keiko.

Wednesday 5 October, 8:45pm
Palm Trees and Power Lines
Winner of Best Director in this year’s Sundance US Dramatic competition, Jamie Dack’s first feature is a subtle, unsettling coming-of-age drama exploring grooming and consent.

Thursday 6 October, 6:30pm
Kanaval: A People’s History of Haiti in Six Chapters
Haitian history is presented through an explosion of colour, dance and music, as the country prepares for its legendary carnival.

Thursday 6 October, 8:30pm
God Said Give ’Em Drum Machines
Revisit the African-American origins of techno music in Kristian R Hill’s fascinating, hugely enjoyable and often surprising journey through the musical genre.

Friday 7 October, 6:30pm
The investigation into a series of unexplained deaths hints to the supernatural, in this thrillingly unconventional police procedural.

Friday 7 October, 8:40pm
Self Portrait as a Coffee Pot
Confined to his studio during lockdown, South African artist William Kentridge channels his creative energies into a series of short films that throw light on his artistic process.

Saturday 8 October, 12:30pm
A conservative family in Pakistan is torn apart when a son falls in love with a transgender erotic dancer, in Saim Sadiq’s riveting queer drama.

Saturday 8 October, 3:30pm
Geographies of Solitude
This sensitive and visually stunning documentary cleverly incorporates inspiration from the natural world as part of the filmmaking process.

Saturday 8 October, 6pm
Into The Ice
A wondrous, visually ravishing journey to the arctic presents an unsettling prediction for the future of our planet and a pointed call to action.

Saturday 8 October, 8:15pm
Anthropological attention to detail distinguishes this delicate tale of an elderly couple in rural Bolivia coming to terms with climate change and declining health.

Sunday 9 October, 1:20pm
Following three generations of women in the aftermath of Angola’s civil war, José Miguel Ribeiro’s striking animation grapples with the trauma and loss of conflict.

Sunday 9 October, 3:30pm
Casa Susanna
Sébastien Lifshitz pieces together the story of a pioneering transgender network in this inspiring and essential slice of queer history.

Sunday 9 October, 6pm
Where Is This Street? or With no Before and After (Onde fica esta rua? ou Sem antes nem depois)
The Ornithologist (LFF 2016) director João Pedro Rodrigues’ latest film is a poetic and joyous ode to Lisbon and its rich cinematic past.

Sunday 9 October, 8:15pm
The Wonder
Ever-unpredictable, Chilean director Sebastián Lelio ventures to 19th-century Ireland for this domestic psychodrama, which sees religious faith battle against scientific reason.

Monday 10 October, 4:15pm
Meet Shabu, a 14-year-old Dutch-Surinamese wannabe rapper who you’re sure to never forget, in Shamira Raphaëla’s hilarious and heartwarming documentary.

Monday 10 October, 6:15pm
After Sherman
In this soulful debut documentary, Jon-Sesrie Goff examines the history and traditions of his South Carolina birthplace.

Monday 10 October, 8:30pm
My Imaginary Country (Mi país imaginario)
Women have been a driving force in the recent Chilean Revolution, as Nostalgia for the Light director Patricio Guzmán highlights in this galvanising documentary.

Tuesday 11 October, 3pm
In a desperate attempt to reconnect with his unstable adult son, an estranged father catfishes him by posing as his online dream woman, in this taboo-busting comedy.

Tuesday 11 October, 5:30pm
This bold and heartfelt debut tackles the recent epidemic of digital sex crimes in South Korea, making visible the lives of those who are marginalised by sexism, ageism and classism.

Tuesday 11 October, 8pm
Albert Serra’s hypnotic, dark film centres on a government official in Tahiti – a superb Benoît Magimel – who embodies the greed, hypocrisy and paranoia of colonial power.

Wednesday 12 October, 6:30pm
This wildly inventive film transports us to a Swiss watchmaking town in the 19th century, where a visiting anarchist unravels the cryptic history of standardised time.

Wednesday 12 October, 8:45pm
Like the 3am screams of a newborn, this chilling Norwegian pregnancy horror is guaranteed to give you sleepless nights.

Thursday 13 October, 3:45pm
Our Lady of the Chinese Shop
In this richly allegorical film, a plastic statue of the Virgin Mary creates unexpected changes to the lives of those who encounter it on the streets of Luanda.

Thursday 13 October, 6:15pm
Getting It Back: The Story of Cymande
A riveting documentary about the British Black super group that never made it, but whose music you will definitely have heard.

Thursday 13 October, 8:30pm
Know Your Place
In this striking debut feature from Zia Mohajerjasbi, an Eritrean American teen embarks on an odyssey through a rapidly gentrifying Seattle.

Friday 14 October, 4pm
The Blaze (En plein feu)
A man and his father flee from a wildfire in this French eco-thriller that could have been ripped from the charred pages of this year’s headlines.

Friday 14 October, 6:30pm
100 Ways to Cross the Border
This vibrant documentary celebrates Guillermo Gómez-Peña and the contribution his radical, queer, anti-colonial art has made to conversations around border-thinking, gender politics and Latinx identity.

Friday 14 October, 8:45pm
Becoming Plant
Grace Ndiritu presents an inquisitive choreographic and therapeutic group experiment with psychedelics.

Saturday 15 October, 12pm
Robe of Gems (Manto de gemas)
A loosely linked set of characters intersect in a rural community beset by cartel crime in Natalia López Gallardo’s disarming debut feature.

Saturday 15 October, 2:45pm
Shorts Programme: Some Say The Devil Is Dead
Across the world, violent conflict is a constant. These filmmakers provide a voice for those who suffer from war and exclusion, from Northern Ireland, the United States and Armenia to Afghanistan and Palestine.

How do we relate to the imperceptible? Each of these five films questions the authoritative position of the human mind regarding external worlds.

Saturday 15 October, 8:30pm
The Blue Rose of Forgetfulness
Lewis Klahr’s exquisite collage manipulates fragments of comics, creating a narrative of unfulfilled romantic longing.

Sunday 16 October, 12:45pm
You Won’t Be Alone
A blend of arthouse intellectualism and free-flowing gore in 19th-century Macedonia.

Sunday 16 October, 3:15pm
This riveting feature debut from Makbul Mubarak patiently details the journey of a young man as he begins to taste power for the first time.

Sunday 16 October, 6pm
Actor-writer-director Mani Haghighi’s bizarre and highly original film plays with genre conventions and dabbles in magic realism, all amplified by captivating central performances.

Sunday 16 October, 8.30pm
Paul Mescal and newcomer Frankie Corio give astonishing performances as a father and daughter on holiday, in this moving and reflective debut from Charlotte Wells.