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Frieze Film × ICA
Artists’ Film Programme
Institute of Contemporary Arts
A huge white org sits on top of a circular skate park
Elisa Giardina Papa, ‘U Scantu’: A Disorderly Tale, 2022, 12 min. 12 sec. Image: Courtesy the artist and Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin

Frieze and the ICA collaborate to curate a programme of artists’ film and moving image, coinciding with Frieze London’s 20th Anniversary.

From 10 – 15 October, the ICA hosts a drop-in screening programme of artists’ film and moving image in the Theatre, with the selection playing on a continuous loop each day.

Alongside the in-person screenings, the programme will be streamable across the globe until 29 October.


Elisa Giardina Papa
Noémie Goudal
Kiluanji Kia Henda
donna Kukama
Sarah Meyohas
Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings
Sin Wai Kin
Jordan Strafer
Lewis Teague Wright
Alberta Whittle

In this screening programme of recent artists’ film and moving image, viewers embark on a journey through a series of visual narratives that collectively weave a network of contemporary and historical themes. From the intimate exploration of human emotions and societal dynamics to the broader strokes of anthropological truths and political landscapes, the audience is invited to immerse themselves in a diverse but harmonious convergence of perspectives. This programme transcends genre boundaries, fostering a critical dialogue that encourages reflection and understanding, while showcasing the transformative power of artists’ film and moving image as a medium that blurs the lines between reality and speculative fiction, and between the individual and the collective.

A vivid illustration of the innovative and reflective spirit of artists’ film and moving image, the programme serves as a mirror reflecting the complex and ever-changing narratives of our time.
A panel of curators and researchers, including ICA’s Curator of Artists’ Film and Moving Image, Steven Cairns, independent curator and writer Greg de Cuir Jr., and Róisín Tapponi, founder of Shasha Movies, selected the 2023 Frieze Frieze × ICA Artists’ Film Programme.
12:00 pm
Tue, 10 Oct 2023
12:00 pm
Wed, 11 Oct 2023
12:00 pm
Thu, 12 Oct 2023
12:00 pm
Fri, 13 Oct 2023
12:00 pm
Sat, 14 Oct 2023
12:00 pm
Sun, 15 Oct 2023
Book exhibition tickets (10 – 15 Oct)
Watch online (10 – 29 Oct)
Tuesday 10 – Sunday 15 Oct, Theatre, 12 – 9pm
Streaming online from 10 – 29 Oct

All day tickets £5, half price for Blue Members, free for Red Members.

Every ticket gives access to all exhibitions all day, including Gray Wielebinski: The Red Sun is High, the Blue Low