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Drone Strike in Miranshah
Institute of Contemporary Arts
December 2022
North Waziristan, 30 March 2012 
(Investigation 2013 – 2016)

In June 2012 a video shot in Miranshah, North Waziristan, showing 43 seconds of the aftermath of a drone strike which killed four people, was smuggled out through siege lines and was publically broadcast. Thousands of civilians have been killed in US drone strikes in the area since 2004, but the CIA has ‘neither confirmed nor denied’ their taking place. Forensic Architecture analysed this video frame-by-frame to confirm a drone strike has taken place, deduce the location of the building, the consequences of the strike, and the munition used.

Report prepared for the UN Special Rapporteur (UNSR) for Counter Terrorism and Human Rights. Presented at the UN General Assembly in NYC in 2013, and in Geneva in 2014.
Project team: Eyal Weizman (Principal Investigator), Susan Schuppli (Project Coordinator), Jacob Burns, Steffen Krämer, Blake Fisher, Samir Harb, Zahra Hussain, Francesco Sebregondi, Samaneh Moafi, Ana Naomi de Sousa, Christina Varvia
Collaborators: The first stage of this project was undertaken with SITU Research
Thanks to: Chris Cobb-Smith and Chris Woods