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Essay Film Festival: Milestones
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Milestones, dir. John Douglas and Robert Kramer, USA 1975, 205 min, Digital, English spoken

Milestones is a film about the American Left in the 1970s and the afterlives of political activism, a sprawling epic that interweaves the lives of numerous characters - hippies, farmers, immigrants, Native Americans and activists - as they navigate the complexities of American life. The film reflects on the lives and experiences of the filmmakers through intimate conversations in both scripted and unscripted moments. It explores the intricacies of community life, relationships and societal challenges, capturing the essence of its diverse subjects' emotions, dreams and realities. 

In 1973, Kramer wrote a note about the film:  

I think this is the last film. / Everything has to be in it. / Nothing left out / because of “considerations.” / All the play of the heart. / All the fullness of feeling. / The form will make itself passionately.  

 Last movie, in which the form evaporates into life. / Common denominator of choices: / getting down to bone. / Essence. Desert – mountain – people – / food – motion. / Stripped away. 

Since 2015, the Essay Film Festival has presented material that explores and pushes the boundaries of documentary filmmaking through personal, reflective, and often experimental approaches. The festival has provided a space to delve into complex subjects, blending fact and fiction, narrative and analysis, in creative and thought-provoking ways. 

Presented in collaboration with the Essay Film Festival 
With an introduction by Matthew Barrington and Ricardo Matos Cabo 
08:00 pm
Sat, 27 Apr 2024
Cinema 1

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