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Dust and Tear Gas: Turkey in Focus
Institute of Contemporary Arts
A black and white photo of a man running to aid a protester knocked down by a water cannon, on an empty street
Witnessing Gezi, dir. Emin Özmen, Turkey 2013, 17 min.

Two films explore the narratives of resistance, longing and the pursuit of a better future in the context of the multigenerational and multi-coalition demands of the Gezi Park Uprising.


Witnessing Gezi
Dir. Emin Özmen, 2013, Turkey 2013, 17 min.

Witnessing Gezi takes us on a gripping journey through the lens of photojournalist Emin Özmen, who documented the protests against the urban development plan for Istanbul’s Taksim Gezi Park. This crucial event in recent Turkish history ignited a nationwide resistance movement. Through Özmen’s recorded footage, the film offers a deeply human perspective on the civil resistance that unfolded.

Dir. Somnur Vardar, Turkey 2022, 67 min.

Drifting examines a dust-filled city cleansed of its identity and memories as it becomes estranged from its own skies and sea. Meanwhile, the ‘distant silhouettes’ on the construction sites become characters in their own right: characters who, in their dorms at night, give voice to their longing for home, anxieties about the future and sense of physical exhaustion at such a young age. In this giant construction site of a city, we get to know Ferhat, a teacher from Mardin who can’t get a job, and his cousin Emrah, who aspires to become a teacher. Both of their fathers and grandfathers were construction workers.
06:30 pm
Sun, 25 Jun 2023
Cinema 1

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