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Wednesday 18 November 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
July 2022



Ana Elena Tejera on Panquiaco, part of our upcoming programme FRAMES of REPRESENTATION:

‘One of the inspirations for the film is the dule medicinal bath. It consists of 30 days to heal the soul of the sick person. People from the Guna community go to the jungle and prepare an enclosure for the person while a botanical doctor looks for the plants, sings, and accompanies the patient in a medicinal quarantine. It is at that moment where silence appears, the patient can't leave their house, the grandmothers of the community bring them food and sing to heal not only their bodies but also their souls. Then the sick person meditates, surrendering to an individual and collective journey. Seeing the film through this context, I ask myself the question: How can I find transformation?’

Panquiaco is available to stream for seven days from 27 November, 6:30pm.

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The Keep Going Song
I saw this posted on adrienna maree brown’s Instagram and it was exactly what I needed on an overcast morning. Sung by indie-folk duo Abigail and Shaun Bengson, their wish that we can find ways to ‘keep going on’ was a touching reminder of the many things that gave me hope and pleasure over the last eight months.


In memory of Marion von Osten (1963 – 2020)
Artist, curator, cultural researcher and theorist Marion von Osten’s persistency and kindness made her an inspiration for so many. Her work spanned cultural production in post-colonial societies and technologies of the self, as well as the governance of mobility, and in her view working collaboratively was always a precondition for arriving at new forms of knowledge. Thank you for all you gave to us!


A great new release from label Genome 6.66 Mbp. ‘Empathy’ by Prague-based artist and producer slowmotiondancer offers sparse arrangements with ghostly pitched down vocals and abrupt endings.

Answers with Questions
This is a three-episode streaming series with Gregg Bordowitz and special guests as part of Triple Canopy’s A Celebration of Gregg Bordowitz, starting on Wednesday 18 November with Jasmine Nyende and musical guest Vivien Goldman. You can email questions ahead of the show to or by calling +01-201-467-8592.

Track of the Day

Stevie Wonder: Chemical Love (1992)

People goin’ ’round
Tellin’ others they are square
Around and ‘round in circles
Is a ride that goes somewhere
All you need to fly
Is a heart dying to try
A chemical love
It’s a chemical love

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