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Institute of Contemporary Arts
TOTAL ENJOYMENT, Oisín McKenna, UK 2021, 14 min. 24 sec.

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Phil spends most nights watching telly with his parents, chatting about all the things they’ll do if they ever win the Lotto. He’s 17, living in Basildon, and he can’t wait to leave.

It’s not that he doesn’t get on with his parents, but when they go to bed, his night really begins. He waits until he’s sure they’re asleep and turns the telly back on, with its volume on the lowest setting. He perches with his index finger hovering over the on/off button of the remote and watches the world unfold through late-night films with tenuous queer subtexts. He imagines a future for himself beyond this town.

TOTAL ENJOYMENT takes place in the months leading up to Phil’s departure from his hometown, documenting the minute-to-minute mundanity of his world, just as that world is about to end.