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Institute of Contemporary Arts
I Am Not A Burden, Stephanie Amponsah, UK 2021, 11 min. 52 sec.

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A sonic protest against pregnancy and maternity discrimination amongst women in the workplace. The piece relies on personal accounts, sound collages and immersive sound techniques to portray the important message of inequality. We hear heartfelt reports of women sharing their experiences, with the subjects using the project as a platform to be transparent about their stories. I Am Not A Burden provides a space for these women to vent - an opportunity to be heard. The project aims to leave the listener with a clearer understanding of the severity of pregnancy and maternity injustice and its nuances. Ultimately, the audio work aims to normalise discussions surrounding the issue, thus reaffirming that pregnant women and mothers are not burdensome to the working world.

To the interviewees, your transparency brought this project to life. Thank you for sharing your stories.