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Institute of Contemporary Arts
BIG MUMMY, Deborah Shorindé, UK 2021, 16 min. 2 sec.

‘I think love makes monsters of us all actually. I don’t think you really realise when it’s happening but suddenly you just look up and well...there it is.’

When Grace Adewale meets a soft sweet boy called Bash, he offers her new hope and a chance at freedom. But all is not what it seems, and a love this inviting can often be poison. As Grace wades deeper into Bash’s cycle of slow violence, her aunty Big Mummy must step in & help her face the truth...before it’s too late.

This is a story about tenderness. This is a story about gaslighting. This is an answer to a question: What happens when a woman gets tired?

Being adapted for series by Mermaid Palace.