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Celluloid Sunday: The Terrorizers on 35mm
Institute of Contemporary Arts
A short haired person is sat in shadow in front of a large portrait of someone. The portrait is made up of several equal sized squares. The whole image is sepia tone.
The Terrorizers (恐怖分子), dir. Edward Yang, Taiwan 1986, 109 min., Mandarin with English subtitles

Whilst perhaps best known for later works like A Brighter Summer Day and Yi Yi, the films Edward Yang made in the 1980s were no less earth shattering. Imbued with a languid and troubling sense of unease, Yang’s third feature The Terrorizers centres the mysterious connections that draw together a largely disparate group of individuals in contemporary Taipei. 

Filled with ellipses and punctuated by moments of violence, Yang himself referred to the film as a ‘puzzle’ and it is a testament to the endless qualities of the film that nearly forty years on it has lost none of its ability to intrigue and captivate.

The film is screening on a 35mm print from the ICA Archive.
06:30 pm
Sun, 23 Jul 2023
Cinema 1

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