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Celluloid Sunday: The Horse Thief on 35mm
Institute of Contemporary Arts
A person stands with their back to the camera, looking out to a green field of horses, and a vast open sky with a stretch of clouds
The Horse Thief, dir. Tian Zhuangzhuang, China 1986, 88 min., Mandarin & Tibetan with English subtitles, PG

A resplendent centrepiece in Tian Zhuangzhuang’s loose trilogy about ethnic minorities, The Horse Thief portrays a young man being cast out from his clan and left to fend for himself in the mountains with his wife and child. From this simple premise, Tian creates a sublime visual masterpiece that explores the relationship between man and nature.

The film is showing from an original print from the ICA’s UK release in 1987.

Celluloid Sunday is a series of screenings showing on original format from the ICA Archive.
06:30 pm
Sun, 05 Mar 2023
Cinema 1

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