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Afterlife: Louis Schou-Hansen & Karoline Bakken Lund
Institute of Contemporary Arts

this dark gleam

ICA presents Afterlife, a choreographic work by artist Louis Schou-Hansen.

Afterlife is a manic playground, a site for speculative futurities and derailed interpretations of a renaissance that never really happened. While diving into ghostly entities of Western dance history and questioning whether the Sun King ever died. The performance moves through a series of twisted dances from the late Italian Renaissance and early French Baroque, only to disperse into weird referential landscapes containing subtle traces of Britney’s banger dance from 'Hit Me Baby One More Time', Andrzej Zulawski’s subway scene from Possession and distorted yoga-gone-wrong inspired materials. Carried out by three performers, Afterlife tries to unfold muted narratives of subaltern bodies. Bodies that, through Western colonial and anti-queer epistemic regimes, were deemed disposable or unfit to partake in any further historical development.

Louis Schou-Hansen (it/they) is a dancer and choreographer whose work is situated at the intersection of dance and visual arts. Its practice encompasses various formats such as performances, making dances, performing, writing, and sometimes curating. Louis' work dives into speculative fiction as a tool to investigate, dissect, and denaturalize how bodies have been molded through violent Western fairytales, utilizing queer and trans-feminist epistemologies. Louis has studied dance at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and the Royal Danish Ballet School, as well as fine arts at The Dutch Art Institute.

Georgiana Dobre is a Romanian dancer and choreographer with a background in classical ballet and contemporary dance. She graduated with a BA in Choreography at the University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest in 2010. Since then, her work has been engaging in themes related to feminism, gender, ecology, and practices of magic. Georgiana’s works have been presented at Suprainfinit Gallery, The Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest, Knipsu Bergen, Kunstplass Contemporary and more.

Amie Mbye is a Norwegian-Gambian dancer and choreographer working between Oslo, Paris, and Dakar. Amie has participated in and created projects ranging from site specific interactive performances to theatre productions for stages, presented nationally as well as internationally. She holds a BA from the Norwegian College of Dance (2019), where she graduated with a degree in dance and choreographic thinking. Amie has been engaged as a dancer for various artists including Germaine Acogny, Thomas Talawa Prestø, Aida Colmenero Diaz, Alesandra Seutin, Ines Belli with more.

Elise Nohr Nystad is an artist based in Oslo, holding a BA in fine arts from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Her practice spans film, performance, and costume making. Elise has collaborated with and appeared in the works of artists such as Laure Prouvost, Fredrik Tjærandsen, and Nagelhus Schia productions. She is the 2023 recipient of the Østlandsutstillingens art prize.

Karoline Bakken Lund is a trans-disciplined artist rooted in textile, found objects, performative material and craftsmanship — mainly as sculpture in collaborative constellations. She works towards transformation through hybrid sculptural works, where objects can be experienced as installation, props, clothing, and undressed costumes — as a part of scenographic tableaus with objects that are activated, amplified, or misunderstood in different, absurd, and everyday performative scores. She works through modes of trans-feminism and is interested in facilitating for discursive and social practices. She runs the atelier space mimosa—studio, a creative bureau in Oslo. Karoline is also a tutor in textile production and artistic research methods at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.
08:00 pm
Fri, 26 Apr 2024
08:00 pm
Sat, 27 Apr 2024
Please note Louis Schou-Hansen will give a 20-minute after show talk on Friday 26 April.

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