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Book cover: Sex and the Psyche

Who's Been Sleeping In Your Head? Sex and the Psyche

5 Mar 2007

Why do so many of us have active and sometimes eccentric imaginations, and what do our sexual fantasies tell us about ourselves and society? In his book Sex and the Psyche, psychotherapist Brett Kahr has undertaken the largest ever survey of British sexual fantasies and arrived at the fullest possible picture of our innermost sexual selves. In this unique event, actors will read from these sometimes shocking fantasies, after which Kahr will discuss with the former editor of the Erotic Review Rowan Pelling, clinical psychologist and author of Affluenza Oliver James and the novelist and author of Sleep with Me Joanna Briscoe the origins and meaning of contemporary sexual fantasies, and what those fantasies - or our need for them - can tell us about ourselves.


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E.g., 23-10-2017