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School of Sound

16 May 2009

The School of Sound encourages creative use of sound within the arts, through regular symposia and specialist workshops. This evening's event, dubbed a 'listening', provides the opportunity for an audience to be physically immersed in soundscapes without the distraction of imagery. The programme, focusing on the recorded voice as a disembodied entity, will move from narrative to documentary to surreal abstraction.

As part of an audience in the dimly lit theater, together, listening, you share the unseen with those around you. Selections by Piers Plowright, Alan Hall, Scanner, Trevor Wishart, Antonin Artaud, Stan Freberg, the Firesign Theater, Werner Cee, Glenn Gould, John Wynne and others.


E.g., 18-10-2017
E.g., 18-10-2017