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Joern Utkilen, Paper Anniversary

LSFF: Retrospective: Joern Utklilen - I am Joern: Gentleman & Filmmaker

9 Jan 2016

Joern Utkilen join us for a Q&A following the screenings.

Norwegian born Joern Utkilen graduated from both the Edinburgh College of Art and Screen Academy Scotland and has gone on to write and direct a range of films, many funded by the UK Film Council, Film4, Creative Scotland and the Norwegian Film Institute. 

The stark aesthetic and disturbing comedy of his work draws on characters that are on the margins of society, both as outsiders and in geographically remote areas of Scotland and Norway. 


  • Asylum, dir. Joern Utkilen, 2011, 17 mins
  • Little Red Hoodie, dir. Joern Utkilen, 2008, 14 mins
  • My Job, dir. Joern Utkilen, 2000, 3 mins
  • My Job Ii, dir. Joern Utkilen, 2000, 3 mins
  • My New Job, dir. Joern Utkilen, 2007, 7 mins
  • Paper Anniversary, dir. Joern Utkilen, 2004, 10 mins
  • Paperclipmaker, dir. Joern Utkilen, 2000, 1 min
  • Size 5, dir. Joern Utkilen, 2005, 7 mins

The programme runs for 62 mins


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E.g., 24-06-2018