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LSFF: New Shorts: Funny Sh*t

6 Jan 2017

LSFF’s always-popular opening night programme of comedy shorts returns once again to wash away the January blues. From the unlikeliest of teenage crushes on David Cameron, to mislaid vibrators and chickens with doctorates investigating the beginning of the universe, it’ll melt your wintry heart.


  • Vibration, Bareun Jo, 15 mins
  • The Chop, Lewis Rose, 16 mins
  • Fun employed, Sophie Ansell and Annie Jenkins, 13 mins
  • Lesley, Craig Ainsley, 11 mins
  • The Snake Queue Girl, Mat Laroche, 3 mins
  • Social Networking Socially - Society Through Technology, Paul Murphy, 3 mins
  • Ten Years, Connor Snedecor, 10 mins
  • Wyrdoes, Nat Luurtsema, 16 mins
  • Time Chicken, Nick Black, 6 mins

The programme runs for 93 minutes.

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Please note that a three minute short film will be screened before the first main feature every evening. Part of a rotating selection that changes weekly, the films shown are currently on tour to various arts venues across the country as part of Playback


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