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Gazelle Twin

LSFF: Gazelle Twin [Live] & Carla MacKinnon [Visuals] + Supporting Short Films

15 Jan 2015

LSFF continues to develop its pioneering work in facilitating commissions between musicians and filmmakers. This year’s project has a special focus on women in electronic media, forging a collaboration between Industrial Pop artist Gazelle Twin and interdisciplinary filmmaker and animator, Carla MacKinnon. The project includes a new commission that will premiere at the Festival, before embarking on a regional tour to Watershed Bristol and FACT Liverpool, plus a programme of short, experimental films by women directors.

Gazelle Twin is the creation of British composer, producer and artist, Elizabeth Bernholz. Her live performance personas and musical work have gathered critical acclaim internationally since her first full length release in July 2011. Most recently she completed and released the album UNFLESH (Anti-Ghost Moon Ray, September 2014), a highly visual and challenging piece of "horror-pop" exploring body-centric themes such as puberty and phobia, and named as the best album release of 2014 by The Quietus. Led by distinctly visual themes, Bernholz often works collaboratively with other filmmakers, artists and musicians, often directly attempting to challenge traditional approaches to recorded music and live performance.

Carla MacKinnon uses combined moving image techniques to generate and explore ideas and imagery related to science, nature, mythology and psychology. Her recent work has involved experiments with the projection of computer-generated images and live action footage into stop-motion animation sets to create impossible environments that speak directly to the imagination. She is currently pursuing this interest in collisions and fusions between digital and analogue technologies. Carla has an MA from Royal College of Art and her work has won multiple awards and been exhibited around the world.

There will be a full programme of supporting short films and animations by women filmmakers, including:

3 Ways to Go, Sarah Cox
Me and Rubyfruit, Sadie Benning
Mound Allison, Schulnik
The Nest, Em Cooper
Redshift Emily, Richardson
Swallowable Parfum, Lucy McRae
Tulips at Dawn, Rosie Pedlow

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