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Oh-Be-Joyful, dir. Susan Jacobson, 14 mins 

LSFF: Funny Sh*t

8 Jan 2016

This popular opening night kick-off to LSFF returns to put a smile on your face and blow away the January blues. Watch out for performances from Steve Oram, Alexander McQueen, Johnny Vegas and Sheila Reid.  


  • Mr Director, dir. Andy Martin, 7 mins  
  • Dark_Net, dir. Tom Marshall, 12 mins  
  • Just Desserts, dir. Michael Yanny, 15 mins  
  • Oh-Be-Joyful, dir. Susan Jacobson, 14 mins  
  • Mr Madila, dir. Rory Waudby-Tolley, 4 mins  
  • If the Cuckoo don't Crow, dir. Steve Kirby, 2 mins  
  • Circles, dir. Dean Puckett, 14 mins  
  • Wingman, dir. Will Herbert, 16 mins  
  • Fan Girl, dir. Kate Herron, 16 mins  

The programme runs for 100 mins


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E.g., 24-06-2018