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Ecoute Le Temps

10 Mar 2007

A mystery yarn with cinematic twists, Ecoute Le Temps is an engaging and sinister film about a young sound engineer, Charlotte (Emilie Dequenne). When Charlotte's mother is murdered in her house in the countryside, Charlotte returns home alone and realizes that she doesn't know much about her mother's life in the village. Her mother's reputation for being something of a village 'witch' was met by incredulity by Charlotte in the past, but as the film unwinds Charlotte is determine to discover some answers, motivated by her regret.

The official investigation isn't going anywhere, and the place seems full of secrets. Charlotte decides to take action. She uses her sound equipment to carry out her own investigation.

While listening to a recording just made in the house where the murder took place, Charlotte discovers a strange phenomenon: sounds from the past blend in with sounds from the present. As she discovers who her mother was, Charlotte beings to accept her own special gift as a legacy. Armed with creepy small-town folk and paranormal happenings this film is a choice specimen of that rare breed of woman-directed thrillers. This is the first feature film by director Alante Alfandari.

Dir Alante Alfandari, France 2005, 87 mins


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E.g., 23-10-2017