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Still: Description of a Memory

Description of a Memory

16 Nov 2008

Inspired by Description of a Struggle, Israeli film-maker Dan Geva addresses the state of the nation half a century on. An update of Marker's original film and a striking meditation on contemporary Israel - Marker has praised "the sheer beauty of the film… the perfection of the soundtrack and the boldness of the image."

The film will be introduced by Alisa Lebow, currently convening the MA in Documentary Practice at Brunel University. Dr. Lebow is a film scholar and director of several films, including Treyf. She is currently working on a new film called Hitler's Birthday about April 20th, which happens to be a birthday she shares... After the screening, Dr Lebow will be signing her new book First Person Jewish (University of Minnesota Press), which will be available for purchase at the ICA bookshop.

Dir Dan Geva, Israel 2006, 80 mins, subtitles


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E.g., 22-10-2017