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BFI London Film Festival: Titli

9 Oct 2014

Premiering in Cannes’ Un Certain Regard strand, first-time feature filmmaker Kanu Behl’s tale is set in the badlands of Delhi. Titli (Butterfly) is the youngest and physically weakest of three brothers. He has been desperately saving money on the quiet to run away from the stranglehold of his eldest brother Vikram, a reckless domineering figure who leads the family’s violent car-jacking activities. Titli’s dream is cut short when his money is stolen and he’s forcibly married off by his brothers to the quiet but strong-minded Neelu. As the brothers’ plan their most deadly crime yet, Titli realises his only chance of freedom is to manipulate Neelu, convincing her to form a high-risk, mutually exploitative pact to escape. Behl deftly explores elements of inter-male oppression typical to the Indian family, while acclaimed actor Ranvir Shorey as Vikram and film newcomer Shashank Arora as Titli deliver powerful performances in a high-octane drama that sets the pulse racing. [Cary Rajinder Sawhney[

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