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Sunday Roast

BFI London Film Festival: After Laughter Comes Tears

8 Oct 2014

There’s funny ha-ha, there’s absurdly funny and then there’s funny strange. These short films encompass all three. Sometimes in the same film. [Simon Young]

BRADFORD-HALIFAX-LONDON Dir Francis Lee. UK 2013. 9min
On the train to London – just another typical happy family outing: stress, arguments and recriminations.

GUY GIRLS MECS MEUFS Dir Liam Engle. France 2013. 13min
Bob believes that women are superior when it comes to fl irting with the opposite sex. But how would he cope if the roles were reversed?

THE HYPERGLOT Dir Michael Urie. USA 2013. 23min
Despite huge talent for communicating, Jake has trouble talking to women. When a unique situation arises, he has to learn how to talk without speaking.

PONY PLACE Dir Joost Reijmers. Netherlands 2013 10min
Grandmother Koba has to take care of her grandchild Emma’s digital horse farm.

SUNDAY ROAST Dir Kevin Thomas. UK 2014. 25min
Arthur is determined to thoroughly research his upcoming acting role as a pathologist by visiting a mortuary.

YES WE LOVE JA VI ELSKER Dir Hallvar Witzø. Norway 2013. 14min
Four generations, each with a unique crisis, set in four different parts of Norway on the national day.

Total running time 94min

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