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Crystal Moselle, The Wolfpack, 2015

The Wolfpack

19 Aug 20153 Sep 2015

Following the preview screening on 19 August there will be a Q&A with the brothers the film focuses on: Mukunda, Narayana, Govinda and Eddie Angulo.

This extraordinary documentary tells the story of six brothers virtually imprisoned by their parents in a run-down Manhattan apartment. The Angulo brothers’ main source of information about the outside world is the movies that their strict Peruvian father brings home.

As a coping mechanism, the boys recreate scenes from their favourites, wearing makeshift costumes – donning charity shop suits to play characters from Reservoir Dogs, or making Batman masks out of cereal boxes. Director Crystal Moselle met them shortly after they’d first been allowed out, and they re-enacted their favourite films for her sympathetic camera. The paranoid parents thought they were protecting their children from a hostile world, but the Wolfpack, as they named themselves, now come across as shyly charming, if understandably estranged from reality – in the way, of course, that movies invariably are.

The Wolfpack UK Trailer

The Wolfpack, dir. Crystal Moselle, USA 2015, 80 mins

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