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Wim Wenders, Wings of Desire, 1987

Wings of Desire (Der Himmel Über Berlin)

30 Dec 2015

Part romance, part comedy, part meditation on matters political and philosophical, Wim Wenders' remarkable film posits a world haunted by invisible angels listening in on our thoughts.

Two kindly spirits, posted to contemporary Berlin, encounter a myriad of mortals, including an aging writer blighted by memories of a devastated Germany; actor Peter Falk, on location shooting a film about the Nazi era; and a lonely trapeze artist, with whom one of the angels falls in love, prompting his desire to become mortal. A film about the fall and the Wall, it's full of astonishingly hypnotic images, and manages effortlessly to turn Wenders and Peter Handke's poetic, literary script into pure cinematic expression. Few films are so rich, so intriguing or so ambitious.

Wings of Desire, dir. Wim Wenders, France 1987, 128 mins.


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E.g., 24-06-2018