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Naji Abu Nowar, Theeb, 2014


14 Aug 201529 Aug 2015

This superb debut by director Naji Abu Nowar is seen through the eyes of the titular Theeb, a young orphan. Following ancient Bedouin traditions, Theeb and his older brother Hussein feel obliged to accompany an imperious English soldier and his guide along an ancient pilgrims’ route during World War I.

The four are beset by bloodthirsty brigands in lawless territory, and must contend with the hostile desert itself. Abu Nowar, who co-wrote the script, expertly builds tension as the relationships between the four travellers and their true motives become clear. A vivid picture emerges of a unique, centuries-old culture unwittingly entering the modern era. Beautifully shot in the same majestic landscapes as Lawrence Of Arabia, this is a film that richly deserves its numerous festival awards.

Theeb - Official UK trailer - opens 14th August

Theeb, dir. Naji Abu Nowar, United Arab Emirates/Qatar/Jordan/UK 2014, 100 mins, Arabic with English subtitles

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