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Tell It Like It Was: The Round Table Speaks

21 Apr 2007

60s underground luminaries offer their own takes on what the original 14-Hour Technicolor Dream event was like, where it came from and where it ended up. This will be followed by a Q & A session. The cast includes:

Joe Boyd: In 1967, Joe was an American record producer living in London, co-running the legendary UFO Club in Tottenham Court Road and producing, among others, The Pink Floyd, The Incredible String Band and Fairport Convention.

Miles: Instrumental in setting the UK's first underground newspaper, International Times, Miles also ran the Indica bookstore, the hub of counter-cultural activity during the period.

Hoppy Hopkins: Hoppy helped resurrect the Notting Hill Carnival, along with activist, Michael X, and then went on to co-run UFO and organise the original 14-Hour Technicolor Dream event, before going down for possession of hash in the week Sgt. Pepper's was released!

John Dunbar: John Dunbar was instrumental in bringing The Beatles into the avant-garde and set up the Indica art gallery, which featured early work by Fluxus and all kinds of other kinetic, experimental and conceptual art.


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E.g., 22-10-2017