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The Tale of Princess Kaguya film still

The Tale of The Princess Kaguya

15 Mar 20152 May 2015

The latest masterpiece from the legendary Studio Ghibli is based on a 10th–century Japanese fable. A peasant discovers a miniature girl growing inside a bamboo shoot and takes her home. She quickly grows to become the most beautiful young woman in the land, and is wooed by a series of suitors, including the Emperor himself.

But it soon emerges that she is in fact exiled from the moon, to which she is bound to one day return. This haunting story is brought to the screen by Ghibli co-founder and genius animator Isao Takahata and is undoubtedly one of the studio’s finest works. Exquisitely drawn in a style that recalls washed-out Japanese watercolours, the story is spellbinding and melancholic – an instant classic.

Following the screening on 15 March, we screened a documentary which explored the process of creating the film.

Please note that all screenings before 6pm will be dubbed and all screenings after 6pm will be subtitled.

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, dir. Isao Takahata, Japan 2014, 137 mins.

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