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Owen Gower, Still The Enemy Within, 2014

Still The Enemy Within + Q&A

7 Dec 2014

This screening will feature a Q&A with Director & Producer Owen Gower and Executive Producer Christopher Hird.

Epitomising the perennial ideological struggles between trade unions and Westminster politicians, the 1984/5 Miners’ Strike was a seminal event which truly divided the nation.

First-time director Owen Gower’s remarkable work, which won this year’s Sheffield Documentary Festival Audience Award, applauds the determination of the people who endured Britain’s longest strike in the face of near starvation and police brutality.

Using much never-before-seen footage and interviews with many of the men and women who refused to back down from their beliefs, Still The Enemy Within packs a powerful emotional punch. It also provides a sobering counterpoint to the uplifting hit film Pride, based on events from the same period.

Still The Enemy Within, dir. Owen Gower, UK 2014, 112 mins.

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